Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Poetry Compilations

My blog currently features ongoing poetry projects but occasionally I’ll include completed sets or collections that I’ve written with specific themes of interest. Currently I’m only featuring one as I sift through older works to include. 🙂

Our Universe is Dead (completed): Background Information
Read poems from the collection here.

Duckling Dialogues (completed):

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As the world rapidly changes due to global warming, dramatic shifts in climate, and pollution, I was inspired to begin a collection of Tanka written about the lovely creatures of our world continuing to strive for balance and harmony within their habitats and ecosystems. As I grow older while seeking out truth and happiness in the world, the younger and smaller I feel in the grande scheme of the universe. As a result, I refer to myself as a “duckling” holding “dialogue” with the world – always exchanging ideas and waiting for guidance. Sometimes to rediscover the threads of our true self in order to continue stitching the path destined for us, we must regain a childlike, imaginative, and innocent view on the world. A peaceful way to do this as I have found is to build relationships and compassion for animals and to really cherish them for their personalities, souls, and existence.

“Duck spirit animal reminds us that we have webbed feet and, even better, we have wings. We have the power to lift out of the watery emotions that threaten to drown us. We can swim into the depths and find inner silence … we can always dive down into the truth of the beauty that we are.” – Stacey Couch, Wild Gratitude

The collection contains 26 Tanka poems, one for each letter of the alphabet featuring different creatures and animals. I hope to begin and complete this compilation by the end of February 2017. Update: Completed, right on time! Thank you for reading the series!

Reflections 2015, A Poetry Collection of Written Works by Tiny Fawns (ongoing)

This is a poetry compilation project featuring previously written content from 2015 that I will share during periods of time when I am not available to provide real-time daily updates. This first batch will be uploaded was uploaded during my Australia trip this Spring.

  • The Face of Pluto (March 23, 2017)
  • Digging outwards to go in. (March 23, 2017)
  • Mice (March 24, 2017)
  • Postcards and Little Letters (March 24, 2017)
  • Pearls and Hearts on Sleeves (March 25, 2017)
  • The Sun Studies on Mondays (March 25, 2017)
  • Jerry Springer cats at 3AM (March 26, 2017)
  • Train Teeth (March 26, 2017)
  • Like a John Hughes Road-Trippin’ Machine (March 27, 2017)
  • Keys and broken zippers (March 27, 2017)
  • Alice and the Human Cheshire (March 28, 2017)
  • I drew a line | straight. (March 28, 2017)
  • Zombie fingers holding sunken ships (March 29, 2017)
  • Guthrie and Dylan (March 29, 2017)
  • I worry about the radio (March 30, 2017)
  • Macabre Cinema (March 30, 2017)
  • Little Astronaut (March 31, 2017)
  • Mercury and Benatar (March 31, 2017)
  • Blooming Blue (April 1, 2017)
  • 24, Thai beer, and manga jelly. (April 1, 2017)
  • el fantasma de una rosa (April 2, 2017)
  • the measurement of fractions (April 2, 2017)
  • the cycle, again (April 3, 2017)
  • i don’t know what you said (April 3, 2017)
  • thoughts on vanishing  (April 4, 2017)
  • mmmm, tasty jealousy (April 4, 2017)

The second batch for the Reflections poetry compilation project will be from Saturday, June 10th through Tuesday, June 20th of 2017. During this week I will be visiting home in Texas to attend my sister’s wedding. Dates of when they will be available for reading are listed beside each poem’s title.

  •  one day i’ll get there (June 10th, 2017)
  •  an echo with no sound (June 11th, 2017)
  •  the thunder lost in the fog (June 12th, 2017)
  •  mary, retold (June 13th, 2017)
  •  leaves and stars (June 14th, 2017)
  •  outlines of me (June 15th, 2017)
  •  yellow eyes and a dead battery (June 16th, 2017)
  •  roadkill and the ghost of a dead horse beaten (June 17th, 2017)
  •  december, melting (June 18th, 2017)
  •  my thoughts settle into the cocoa (June 19th, 2017)
  •  moving to be still (June 20th, 2017)


-Brianna Dawn.