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goodbye, 2017.

some mistakes aren’t meant to stay mistakes. they don’t have to be frozen in time; some can be mended or repaired – i’ll tell you one of mine. time slipped away from me this winter, and so did my poetry. i let winter clouds weigh in on my mind. but you probably think, that’s fine. it’s okay to fall behind … … not to have words written every day. even […]

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goodbye, winter 2017.

you rattled me with inconsistency i let myself slip for a few months i was going so strong, remembering to value my words every day but then dark clouds got in my way … but that is okay. ups and downs, they are found everywhere, i’ll try not to care so much about it, letting it go – slowly moving forward slowly so i can grow.

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goodbye, doubt

once, twice, numerous times i write and rewrite my doubts until i forget what those doubts were even about to begin with, so i’ll begin with myself – once, twice, numerous times, no matter how many times it takes, i’ll try to take off all of the complexities i’ve wrapped around my mind i’ll try to remove all of the insecurities running through my heart, i try to remember to […]

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