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summer sun

Poet's Corner

afternoon heat splashes
across parking lots,
making the air
wiggle and squirm –

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fox eyes – pearly gleams
their white bellies and red fur
warm up our dreams –
we leap into the wet, green
night air around us
running through the thoughts
streaming – the longer we
count the ripples rolling across
water, the more they seem
to be seams unwinding,
until they still – they steal our minds,
and for a moment – a small, solitary second
we found the corner where Night and Dreams meet
before they embrace, walk away,
letting us fall into a
weightless sleep

squirrels at dark

cooped up between curled leaves
and chocolate-colored bark
sometimes i wonder, if squirrels
scamper about on sidewalks
and tree limbs with a little less
hop in their jump, when day
turns a dark shoulder to the night

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: scamper

where my words are sometimes found

sometimes i find them
falling in the rain
other times i see them perching on
clouds’ silver linings
they rarely run red lights but
enjoy the occasional reckless flights
high above canyons or deep into
wishing wells at night, sometimes i find them
twirling their fingers, adding a little
enchantment to magic spells –
i often catch them in the corners
of my eyes, shining on the backs
of rivers or flowers crowded
along sidewalks, sometimes i
even find them during the quiet,
between the moments
you choose to pause or choose
to talk; occasionally
i chisel them
from rocks and stones –
often, and quite emotionally
i’ll extract them
from my heart and bones,
sometimes i even find them
stamped in a cat’s paw prints
in pollen on car hoods in the spring
or even in the last breath of a snake
curled up in a hawk’s claws
or a child’s cry from an unfortunate
bee sting –
mostly, i find
them out in the sun where they tend
to catch my heart on fire – other times
i feel them in the moonlight
where they run a little too cold,
pressing blue frostbitten hands
hard against my soul
and sometimes i find them softening,
warm for the world, in the eyes of
fawns and foals

backdated Post a Day poem for April 4th, 2017

butterflies & bones

butterflies in stomachs
storms in minds
hearts of stone
look inside and you’ll find
the book of nature illustrates
itself within your chapter of life
and mine – there’s nothing
the world wouldn’t write
to grow the loveliest of flowers
to decorate our bones


humans, more like mice –
we were let out of our
cages – given free will
to choose between virtuous
paths or roads littered with vices
to creep, run red lights, or curl
up in defeat within the maze
of life that has paved its
way across the universe
and upon our brains –
and when we change lanes, road
blocks or dead ends greet
our gazes, often unexpectedly and
without charm, without thinking
twice to seek the lessons and wisdom at
the root of all trials, we roll in the harm –
believing the extent of our self-inflicted
pain is a measure to determine what is
worthwhile to be gained, but in the end it is
letting go of all of these things …
and then, only then – the dead ends
of our journeys
and the last breath of our souls
can be reconciled

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: maze

wolf cried wolf

the wolf cried wolf
to see if anyone would
run to the rescue,
to save himself from
himself – they did,
but not soon
enough – so he coughed
his sadness upward
to the moon, his breath a
rough cold smoke in the air,
letting his sadness
rip through the trees –
others couldn’t tell if it
were prayers or swears