goodbye, doubt

once, twice, numerous times
i write and rewrite my
doubts until i forget what those
doubts were even about to
begin with, so i’ll begin
with myself – once, twice,
numerous times, no matter
how many times it takes,
i’ll try to take off all of
the complexities i’ve
wrapped around my mind
i’ll try to remove all of the
insecurities running
through my heart, i
try to remember to hold
others up in the moments
i feel like i’m falling apart

backdated post a day poem for December 29th, 2017

goodbye, pretention

please cross out lines
or words of mine that come
off as aloof, i want to pour
my heart out, gently –
not judgmentally, as if
i’m some sort of pretentious
unfeeling snob

backdated post a day poem for December 28th, 2017

goodbye, selfish eyes

a heart always wants
to be clean, so when
bad ugly thoughts
start to awake,
blinking their eyes,
they are never of
the heart, just the
mind – clouded, hurt –
trying to tell your
own heart lies

backdated post a day poem for December 26th, 2017

goodbye, pool of ink

i wrote with a lot of pens
this winter, and those pens
became sad as i spilled
too many gloomy words
onto the paper, my keyboard
was tired of chomping on
dark words, tired of lining up
grim letters on the screen
so i hope with my heart
to be a little more mindful
of these things, it’s okay to
bring shadows out into the open,
let them feel a little bit of light
but don’t try to cast too much
darkness onto them, sometimes
shadows are meant to bring out
the best of positivity and to
always treat them cruelly
isn’t always what is right

backdated post a day poem for December 25th, 2017