the kiss

night wears mist like
stockings, she kissed the
moon, sending him
blushing, running after
the sun

backdated Post A Day poem for September 6th, 2017

sun barista

he pours a hot cup
of coffee across the
summer day,
cream curls clouds
across the crowns of
chocolate mountains,
fields stretching their
bellies, walking along
key lime pies

backdated Post A Day poem for September 5th, 2017

#internet, the sound bite wasteland

deadpans frypans
pancakes cornflakes
yes i can, i have what it takes
to bake and rake and grill a steak
hit the brakes, swim in the lake
scream in terror when nightmares awake
me, scare me, tear at my brain
where’s my umbrella? it has begun to rain
the spider has spun a web of silk
a young child is milking their cold for all its worth
and has been doing so since their birth
somewhere, a hippie yells SAVE THE EARTH!
and elsewhere, a car fails to start
and everywhere, everyone plays their part
and no one really gives a shit, yet for some reason
hide it with emojis, gifs, and FUCK! That’s LIT!

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: rhyme

the dream cycle

my heart is not silent
but i keep my mouth quiet
holding my breath, dreams
pressing their fingertips
against the door, it tiptoes
open, slightly ajar –
their seams unwind in the night
spilling out a golden light
as far as the moon can see
wishing to himself
to feel the sea washing over
his skin, longingly looking
at the high tides and low tides
bending into the night,
blanketing the world – keeping
her charms and secrets
out of sight

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: magnetic

the faces of the mirror

hot air bleeds from the shower,
wrapping its damp body against
the chilled mirror – i fear her, sometimes
especially when i’m minutes from midnight
and the glow of ugly lighting makes the angles
of my bones grow shadows around the hollows
of my eyes, slowly, the mirror is a sheet of milk
i could drape hearts across the surface
with my fingertips, but i don’t want to grip
her face and peel the skin away,
because then i’d be left staring back at myself,
trying not to let myself get in the way
i’m minutes from midnight, somewhere
in the grey

backdated Post a Day poem for August 26th, 2017

a fool

i break my own heart
even demons wouldn’t
give up and tear
themselves apart

backdated Post a Day poem for August 25th, 2017


i don’t want to be inspected –
dissected from the outside, never going in
because i’ve already stretched a thin line
of expectations across shallow currents at low tide
hypocrisy, even when i don’t desire you to do to me
what i’ve thrown at you – out of fear of rejection
has grown the place i choose to hide within
to never learn if my mind’s playing a game of deception
or coldly telling the truth

backdated Post a Day poem for August 24th, 2017

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