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Posts tagged ‘backdated poem’

to catch ourselves, the fireflies

sometimes i want to
walk on the moon
let the weight of my worries
feel a little lighter on
my shoulders, gravity won’t
hold us down too much
sometimes i want to
walk on Mercury, feel closer to
the sharper, hotter touch
of fire from a dying star
we think of ourselves as temporary
and the universe everlasting
when all of us from humans
to ants to planets to jellyfish
to comets, are just glittering
dust settling into bottles and jars

backdated post a day poem for November 4th, 2017

to lose the sun

choose to be the sunlight people use
as rags to mop up their cloudy soppy days
you might feel a bit used, but without realizing
it, you probably made someone feel a little
less miserable, and a little more warm
when they felt they were losing everything
even the sunlight on a sunny day

backdated post a day poem for October 29th, 2017

the thinker & the dreamer

they both stitch up their minds and hearts
with different seams, and yet when
vulnerability opens the door, their thoughts appear
to walk hand in hand, not as far
away from one another as they seem

backdated post a day poem for October 28th, 2017


emotions can be poured, spilled,
fooled more than twice
but measuring them, counting them
stacking them up to form books
which you can read back to yourself,
to look at yourself with cruel, condescending eyes
don’t be the one who chooses to see
all of the truths as nothing but lies

backdated post a day poem for October 27th, 2017

the growing of souls

we are all tired souls,
some of them are hungry – others not
the difference is whether
we let them sleep
or let them dream
or let them stress about things
we should have let rot
backdated post a day poem for October 26th, 2017

the green and the grey

you push yourself to melt into the grey
of buildings pavement and cars sputtering out
smoke and other things they try to say as
they wait at red lights, but i’ll choose to
wait for the green – i disappear into
the hues of trees, leaves, moss, ferns,
and other lovely things who breathe at ease
without the restlessness that takes the breath
away of those in the grey

backdated post a day poem for October 25th, 2017

blue and haunted

Samhain rides in on the wind
bending the cold into the color of blue
across our skin, and our ghosts
will crawl out of our shadows and into
dreams, what haunts us is not
usually as wicked as it may seem

backdated post a day poem for October 24th, 2017