tight ropes

water for the soul,
blood for the pain –
both must be spilled,
but don’t dwell on how much
from either cup, don’t seek
too much in measures and balances
or else they will both walk away
leaving your mind numb,
heart asleep, a broken shell
cradling empty heartache

backdated post a day poem for December 18th, 2017

the worthwhile smile

don’t heartbreak me with
that smile, the one that
reminds me of the sticky smoothness
of glossy magazine pages.

don’t try to trick me with
the fake smile, the one you believe
will make your presence
worthwhile in a room
full of shallow words
tossed about in waves
of meaningless conversation.

don’t leave me with hesitation,
the hesitation you always seem
to take, you breathe in, keep
it all in, until we both break.

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: varnish

love, love, or love?

and he said, as he looked at his face
in the melting ice of his drink
i couldn’t tell if she was
infatuated, or truly into
the truth of me, if she even cared about
my ugly guts and insides and all those
vulnerabilities i could be hiding,
but i think, he said,
her desires were stuck to
the surface of my skin
letting her heart feel all of the hollow
lies she convinced herself was love,
but really was just an empty shell pretending
to sound like the ocean in her head
and now she has me all messed up
wondering if the love i know is actually love
or if it was all just a lie i misread

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: penchant

the thinker & the dreamer

they both stitch up their minds and hearts
with different seams, and yet when
vulnerability opens the door, their thoughts appear
to walk hand in hand, not as far
away from one another as they seem

backdated post a day poem for October 28th, 2017

caught in the blue

my fingertips are blue from the cold
be my fire, warm me, turn my eyes to gold
so that my heart can be a little more bold
to hold out my cold hands and share
everything i’ve always should have told you
but, i was caught in the blue, swept into
something far away from you
i’m growing older now, but my heart
is still young and close to you

backdated post a day poem for October 21st, 2017