telephones probably hate hearing
us drone on and on, filling
their heads with drama and
trivialities – which is why we
are sometimes greeted with
unfriendly dial tones, phones too busy,
lacking desire to hear about
our realities

flowers or weeds

air, i choose to read it over the words
i heard coming from your lips
because what you let slip from your tongue
tends to skip around and not quite hit
the bullseye of the emotions you truly feel
which is why i steal looks at the air
to see if it’s been killed, poisoned by
those hollow lies and half-assed replies
words are bodies, words, air, eyes, intent,
heart, foolishness, wisdom, and greed
plant all of those seeds, and see what grows
flowers or weeds

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: sympathy

clumsy sounds

wild words, they wiggle out of our mouths
sometimes they squirm and bite at
others, rolling around like puppies on the ground
other times they just fucking suck, like shit found
on the sidewalk, especially if we just talk the talk
instead of putting actions behind those clumsy sounds

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: peculiar

sand & sonnets

i could memorize sonnets and recite
them back to you, but those measured letters
are only few grains of sand in comparison to the desert
i hold – make it rain, and watch as all of the emotions
run hot and cold, weak, and then bold –
watch me melt and sift through the last scars of the land
i’ll bring the earth up to your feet so
you may firmly stand

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: memorize

#internet, the sound bite wasteland

deadpans frypans
pancakes cornflakes
yes i can, i have what it takes
to bake and rake and grill a steak
hit the brakes, swim in the lake
scream in terror when nightmares awake
me, scare me, tear at my brain
where’s my umbrella? it has begun to rain
the spider has spun a web of silk
a young child is milking their cold for all its worth
and has been doing so since their birth
somewhere, a hippie yells SAVE THE EARTH!
and elsewhere, a car fails to start
and everywhere, everyone plays their part
and no one really gives a shit, yet for some reason
hide it with emojis, gifs, and FUCK! That’s LIT!

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: rhyme

sticks and stones

in a world i desire
words wouldn’t be so hollow
they’d be stronger than sticks and stones
their meanings wouldn’t change impulsively,
wouldn’t be warped into something else because
someone tires of a tough, painful truth
each word would have a throne upon which
it could rightfully reside – they wouldn’t be strung
up into manipulated wires, twisted lies that make
people uncomfortable, forcing them to hide inside
their heads – words are sharpened, most of their
true meaning shaved off, thrown as grenades,
fashioned into gunpowder, more concerned
with digging the dagger deeper into those
who’ve already bled, instead of really
making one confront and expel
the demons and prejudice dancing circles
within their heads

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: lurch

to unbreak another

i could rip into you
expose all of the vulnerable parts
of your heart, take away those aches
and pains so that we may gain
some common ground to
walk toward each other upon
backdated Post a Day poem for June 17th, 2017

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