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Posts tagged ‘Depression’

pale yellow

a heart said with sad eyes
looking away, “i’ll follow you
into the darkest and lowliest of days”

but eyes said with a sad heart,
looking away, “i’ll follow
you in a light and gentle way”

to choose eyes over heart
or a heart over eyes
whichever one is chosen will
lead to the other one’s demise.

so which one would the wise
choose in order to not lose both?

look in the mirror, meet eyes
with your own eyes
and heart with your own heart

and let them speak their own
parts, watch you come undone
as their words write and rewrite
themselves across the cold
reflection in the pale yellow light

sometimes the only loyalty one needs
is the strength to meet one’s own
gaze and hold it without fright

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: loyal


in the dark –
not the dark of night
but the dark that pools
out of your eyeballs
and heart, blinding
your soul from a hopeful sight –
the only luxury
is the warmth of sheets
and blankets and pillows caked
and stacked all around, while
rolling over, not
having to get up

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: pamper

to lose the sun

choose to be the sunlight people use
as rags to mop up their cloudy soppy days
you might feel a bit used, but without realizing
it, you probably made someone feel a little
less miserable, and a little more warm
when they felt they were losing everything
even the sunlight on a sunny day

backdated post a day poem for October 29th, 2017

coming & going;

have you ever noticed,
happiness is quick to be rushed out the door
when someone calls
but unhappiness likes to loiter around
for no good reason at all

backdated post a day poem for September 30th, 2017

the absence of light

sleep, the quiet side of the living
where do the sounds go
if they are caught up in dreams
and can’t escape our sleeping
in the waking moments
everything seems a bit more mute
absent of the lively blush that touches
our breathing world, where light once
curled up warmly near bookshelves
and flowers, it now hides out along
the edges of filing cabinets and
abandoned ivory towers
when i walk across floors
i think about the cores of all things
and what makes mortality and immortality
exist in all of the realities of all things
or if they even exist at all – if there really
is such a thing as rising upward or
taking the fall

the brush off

i’m not a morning person.
i purse my lips, my brain flipping
sleepily through pages of trivial to do lists
while cursing the night for leaving so soon
morning sits quietly, lonely
not quite meeting my gaze even though
we’re in the same room.
but i’ll love her soon enough.
around lunch time my heart will pick up
the moodiness and push it aside
then i’ll tell her she doesn’t have to hide
anymore, she can come along for the ride
and we’ll sit side by side, i’ll feel wistful
as the last hours of the sunset slide
under the blankets and covers
i sit quietly, lonely
knowing i should love her more
since she raises the sun high in the sky
pouring more time, more days into my cup
but there are just some days
i can’t bother to wake up

hardly hungry

the day was baking in the summer sun.
it was last year, hearts had already begun
their descent into the evening shadows –
the long shadows that grow like the backs
of flowers, stems bent from the weight
of too many thoughts like petals laced around
heads – light grows dead into the night,
the moon faintly outlines the skin of things,
rattling the hollow bones of a clouds’ silver linings
hope is a heart’s fine dining – but in the dark,
desire turns to dust – and you’re left
absentmindedly picking at the crusts
of dreams, which cloak themselves in
nightmare’s robes and stare at
you from beneath the seams

backdated Post a Day poem for August 4th, 2017