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Posts tagged ‘existence’

blow the house down

somewhere out there
sad gray-faced adults are printing
school posters in bright colors
encouraging students to shine
brighter than the sun
they are the only one!
individuality is key
only to graduate from school,
their twenties hitting them
like a pile of bricks –
and they learn they are made of
sticks and hay – not so special
in a day where 7 billion people
breathe the same oxygen
under the same sun – which is just
a star, and there are even more of
them, as far as we can see –
that’s why we encourage people
to simply look at themselves,
instead of worrying about
where they sit on the shelf in
the universe, it’s easier
to wrap our minds around
we, we, we
me, me, me
but before we get too far along
in our confidence, they take the
seams of our dreams by the reins
and steer us into a society
built of bricks, bricks, bricks,
no strength to bring it all down
yet not weak enough to let go
of the pain

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: exceptional

puzzles & jenga towers

in our youth we could bend
and still be whole
but now in our old age
we just snap into pieces
it becomes more difficult
to hold it all together,
muscles and bones –
and then we are long gone

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: elastic

flat 52 – derealization;

the sky looks paper flat with
paper trees and paper mountains
stacked up, are we really just
a deck of playing cards being played
hearts, diamonds, or are there just
52 jokers, all laughing at us
as we are shuffled about our days

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: coincidence 

to catch ourselves, the fireflies

sometimes i want to
walk on the moon
let the weight of my worries
feel a little lighter on
my shoulders, gravity won’t
hold us down too much
sometimes i want to
walk on Mercury, feel closer to
the sharper, hotter touch
of fire from a dying star
we think of ourselves as temporary
and the universe everlasting
when all of us from humans
to ants to planets to jellyfish
to comets, are just glittering
dust settling into bottles and jars

backdated post a day poem for November 4th, 2017

universe kings

move feet like water
carry mind in the air
root heart in the earth
keep soul alight
in the fire, we all come from
stardust which burned down
from existence’s desire
to walk and breathe as a million
different beings, in our minutes,
moments, and hours
we are tiny kings, flowers
quickly growing to decay
to fold back into the dust, so
existence can go along its way

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: tentative

caves, cages, nests

there’s a nest in my head
filled with sticks of trees which once
whistled, kicking up their legs, tossing their
arms, fighting in the breeze, holding on
to their leaves before they let them take leave
birds hang on wires and limbs
cats curl up against tires
bugs hike up flower stems
i’ll read my mind like a book
over time it hardened into a tiny,
sometimes overlooked gem
i’ll let my words catch fire
smoldering the page, when my
thoughts are hatched and brought up
in the nest of these things, they’ll shine
my mind can escape from the cage,
from the cave i’ll crawl, leaving it behind

birthday cakes

baked sweet, packed with candles
fire burning down each year
take a bite, swallow down
your fears and bitterness
with some sprinkles, your
name was written on it in frosting
just for you – you’ll collect
more and more fire to burn as your
numbers grow fewer, listen
they’re singing the birthday song
just for you

backdated post a day poem for October 20th, 2017