lining up

lining up emotions in
the numbers one through eight
let them snake their way
through muscles, bones, and skin
to wrap their grip around the music,
constricting – holding tight
dancing to line everything up neatly
to make everything feel alright

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: dancing

from foolishness, wisdom

taste the sweetest wine
by cracking open your skull
pull out all of your mind
write foolishly, always
intoxicate your words
dance with them,
love every single line
and then one day
time will say, what’s written
has made you wise

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: flavorful

quieter, lighter

my weakness tends to speak louder
than the proudest of my strengths –
mostly because i think, and think
and think until i’ve sunk the ship
i’m sailing until it no longer sinks
my weakness is quieter, lighter, and
stronger, it tends to rest on
top of the highest peaks of my heart,
it’s the beauty rushing, stammering
clawing apart the words i speak
when separating myself from the dark


words fill the air
but mine feel the
cold empty spaces
with warmth behind
my stare, from which
you can read the
atmosphere and know
that i attempt to care
and i’m not unaware
or slinking around
like a black cat,
dipping in and out of
shadows, refusing to
go to places where
other people gather
to slow down time,
chatter about
this and that –
i don’t need a flower bed
full of other flowers
to grow, i can wear a crown
as well, and touch the
sun as it wells up into
the blue skies, i have
never blinked, watched,
looked or talked in an
orthodox manner
i choose to walk
my words through
the scenery instead
of letting them
fly up higher than they
should, because
the worst words are
out-of-touch words
which haven’t been
stared at long enough,
inspected long enough,
cast out to be
written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: traditional