head, heart abyss

write with lips what
can’t be said with
fingertips. the heart
grows dead if you
throw her hopes too
far into your head

of lungs and eyes

a breath is the heart
not desiring to hold back in life
crying is the heart’s
way of tiring and releasing
the pain which cuts like a knife
to keep the soul from dying

backdated Post A Day poem for August 22nd, 2017

when stories are unmade

heartbeats running
pushing themselves
drumming their fingertips
along our ribcages, bookshelves
trying to contain the
many stories of our hearts
when a lover walks away
they’ve torn their pages out
leaving our stories
broken apart

hearts have minds

he passed away into the night
shifting into gear, drove for the moon and stars
at this point, i realized hearts have
minds of their owns – they also over-think
when feeling alone, haunted by a lover’s
buried bones – i think her heart
had made up its mind as she watched
the red tail lights fall like embers into the sky –
but needed a little more time to pack up her bags
to be on her way, she chose to leave
in the light of day with the sun in her eyes

backdated Post a Day Poem for August 8th, 2017

clean breaks

i’ll take the clean break
to the heart, so then it won’t be
that hard to pick up the
shards i’ll use to carve out a
cup, to pick you up in
years later after slow
realizations seep out from within
and you feel unloved by yourself,
uncomfortable, life growing
thin in your own skin

quieter, lighter

my weakness tends to speak louder
than the proudest of my strengths –
mostly because i think, and think
and think until i’ve sunk the ship
i’m sailing until it no longer sinks
my weakness is quieter, lighter, and
stronger, it tends to rest on
top of the highest peaks of my heart,
it’s the beauty rushing, stammering
clawing apart the words i speak
when separating myself from the dark


there’s nothing casual about
the way envy slips in between
the sheets of my heart – resting
there – seen when the best is
out of reach and within another’s
hands and arms. envy deliberately
walks in, wrecks you from the inside –
bats its eyelashes innocently, and claims
to have done no harm, so you feel
foolish, and swallow it all,
everything and nothing to hide

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: casual

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