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nightingale heartache

heartbreak, leave me.
i don’t want others to read
sad stories written across my eyes
i don’t desire a tired heart anymore,
leave me to let me rest until the sunrise.
i don’t want others to think
the worst of me when i strive
to believe i am blessed,
in the darkest of days and
hardest of nights, heartbreak –
depart from me, take your flight —
mend yourself among the stars,
heartbreak, you were always
worth the fight

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: identity

the growing of souls

we are all tired souls,
some of them are hungry – others not
the difference is whether
we let them sleep
or let them dream
or let them stress about things
we should have let rot
backdated post a day poem for October 26th, 2017

taking heart and mind with me

i’ll run away
just a little
so that i’m no longer caught
in the middle
of my heart and mind
sometimes they like to have fits
when i try to move forward
they’ll pout and leave me behind
so this time,
i’ll orchestrate a way to depart
to leave behind those things
that wish to take apart
and belittle the hope,
that fine gold line
drawn tight between my heart
and mind, i’ll take flight
i won’t leave either of them behind
my mind nor heart
we have better stories to write
backdated post a day poem for October 22nd, 2017

what we tell ourselves

no truth is ugly
we just hopelessly
try to craft beauty
from lies, which is
why our minds can’t
take it, can’t understand it
when our hearts attempt to tell
us, there is more to this
than meets the eye

backdated post a day poem for October 18th, 2017

tools for creation

a genius relishes the part of a fool
realizing blunders and mistakes
are the sharpest of tools to create
and build a heart and mind fit for a king
instead of being torn apart,
becoming heartless
over stupid foolish things

backdated post a day poem for September 25th, 2017

her pockets – our resting places;

solitude doesn’t wear masks
she likes to ask a lot of questions
leaving your heart scratching
at your eyes in a restless sleep
yet sometimes she likes to keep
keys in her pockets, she’ll
carefully take them out when
we’re locked out of our
hearts – she’s always the ending
place we retreat to, our resting place
when we should always think of her
from the start

backdated post a day poem for October 3rd, 2017

i didn’t open the door.

say anything
don’t be heavy,
silent anymore –
don’t be the silence
that lingers heavily on
the shoulders of love –
knocking, walking
away from
the door

backdated post a day poem for October 10th, 2017