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Posts tagged ‘human nature’

cake and pie

do not give a crumb of your bitterness to
the gossipy fool, they will pretend it’s the
entire cake and make the whole dinner table
give you ridiculing glances and vicious stares
but they’ll play it cool, say it’s all delicious,
and pretend like they care while completely
aware that their gossip is not your truth,
truth is bitter and they’d rather take a
a chance in favor of a lie, because as we
are brainwashed to believe, the truth is
ugly and deception is sweet as pie

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: crumb

a sad word

treat us gently, the words said
we sometimes treat them unkindly in our heads
slap them around in our mouths,
rolling out, falling down all wrong,
instead, tread lightly – the words said
so their significance won’t wane
or be misread, or left in the cold
unheard and dead, and they won’t be
the ones left to blame

flowers or weeds

air, i choose to read it over the words
i heard coming from your lips
because what you let slip from your tongue
tends to skip around and not quite hit
the bullseye of the emotions you truly feel
which is why i steal looks at the air
to see if it’s been killed, poisoned by
those hollow lies and half-assed replies
words are bodies, words, air, eyes, intent,
heart, foolishness, wisdom, and greed
plant all of those seeds, and see what grows
flowers or weeds

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: sympathy

clumsy sounds

wild words, they wiggle out of our mouths
sometimes they squirm and bite at
others, rolling around like puppies on the ground
other times they just fucking suck, like shit found
on the sidewalk, especially if we just talk the talk
instead of putting actions behind those clumsy sounds

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: peculiar

stepping onto mountain tops

We can be Olympians,
if only for our own lives.
Dig our fingernails into
mountain rock
Push ourselves to the limits,
let our feet weigh against
gravity, from the
tallest mountain peaks
run, not walk the talk

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: overcome

a fool

i break my own heart
even demons wouldn’t
give up and tear
themselves apart

backdated Post a Day poem for August 25th, 2017


i don’t want to be inspected –
dissected from the outside, never going in
because i’ve already stretched a thin line
of expectations across shallow currents at low tide
hypocrisy, even when i don’t desire you to do to me
what i’ve thrown at you – out of fear of rejection
has grown the place i choose to hide within
to never learn if my mind’s playing a game of deception
or coldly telling the truth

backdated Post a Day poem for August 24th, 2017