sun’s bedroom

the sun’s bedroom,
full of stars – night lights
keeping the monsters
quiet in their corners
no wonder we seem alone
in the universe,
everything out of sight

© Tiny Fawns, 2018

metal towers, flower petals

a hollow emptiness, so heavy
brick and metal towers
an overflowing happiness, so light
feathers and flower petals

voices around rattle reality
tearing through numb, slow thoughts
heart caught up in another
reality – soundless,
neither light nor heavy;

because you are somewhere else
made of something golden and sweet
which cannot be found here anymore,
you’re simply not here.
… not here, not here anymore.

© Tiny Fawns, 2018

goodbye, winter 2017.

you rattled me with inconsistency
i let myself slip for a few months
i was going so strong, remembering
to value my words every day
but then dark clouds got in my way
… but that is okay. ups and downs,
they are found everywhere,
i’ll try not to care so much about it,
letting it go – slowly moving forward
slowly so i can grow.