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to catch ourselves, the fireflies

sometimes i want to
walk on the moon
let the weight of my worries
feel a little lighter on
my shoulders, gravity won’t
hold us down too much
sometimes i want to
walk on Mercury, feel closer to
the sharper, hotter touch
of fire from a dying star
we think of ourselves as temporary
and the universe everlasting
when all of us from humans
to ants to planets to jellyfish
to comets, are just glittering
dust settling into bottles and jars

backdated post a day poem for November 4th, 2017

waxing, waning

spring packed trees tight with leaves
only to bring them all to their knees
they take flight, landing at our feet
until trees tuck in their arms for winter
and fall to sleep, the cold grows
children wait for snowflakes to tickle at their noses
an old woman waits for her winter roses to bloom
and a dreamer waits for moonlight
to warm up her bedroom

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: leaf

universe kings

move feet like water
carry mind in the air
root heart in the earth
keep soul alight
in the fire, we all come from
stardust which burned down
from existence’s desire
to walk and breathe as a million
different beings, in our minutes,
moments, and hours
we are tiny kings, flowers
quickly growing to decay
to fold back into the dust, so
existence can go along its way

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: tentative

take a moment to breathe

sometimes the way
to champion the day
is to be a couch potato
lounge all of the worries
right out of your head
and everyone who judges you
are secretly just jealous
wishing they were in
your place instead

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: glorious

caves, cages, nests

there’s a nest in my head
filled with sticks of trees which once
whistled, kicking up their legs, tossing their
arms, fighting in the breeze, holding on
to their leaves before they let them take leave
birds hang on wires and limbs
cats curl up against tires
bugs hike up flower stems
i’ll read my mind like a book
over time it hardened into a tiny,
sometimes overlooked gem
i’ll let my words catch fire
smoldering the page, when my
thoughts are hatched and brought up
in the nest of these things, they’ll shine
my mind can escape from the cage,
from the cave i’ll crawl, leaving it behind

to let dreams run their course

childhood nostalgia
is not the turning back of the
clock in the heart, but the unlocking
of the treasure box in which
we poured our all, reminding us
we can still take flight, even when
we feel fragile and near falling

taking heart and mind with me

i’ll run away
just a little
so that i’m no longer caught
in the middle
of my heart and mind
sometimes they like to have fits
when i try to move forward
they’ll pout and leave me behind
so this time,
i’ll orchestrate a way to depart
to leave behind those things
that wish to take apart
and belittle the hope,
that fine gold line
drawn tight between my heart
and mind, i’ll take flight
i won’t leave either of them behind
my mind nor heart
we have better stories to write
backdated post a day poem for October 22nd, 2017