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Peter Pan

the shoelaces of adulthood are pulled too tightly how many pairs of shoes have we walked in? how many sizes worn since we wore those silly grins? … dreaming about all the treasures and monsters still buried within our hearts, left slumbering on shelves, never taken out for walks or runs … never let free into the world to create adventures to tell – that’s why our hearts find fairytales […]

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metal towers, flower petals

a hollow emptiness, so heavy brick and metal towers an overflowing happiness, so light feathers and flower petals voices around rattle reality tearing through numb, slow thoughts heart caught up in another reality – soundless, neither light nor heavy; because you are somewhere else made of something golden and sweet which cannot be found here anymore, you’re simply not here. … not here, not here anymore. © Tiny Fawns, 2018

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