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Posts tagged ‘Loneliness’


when i sink
into the blue
sometimes all
i can do is
roll over,
eat snacks,
sleep – the
thought of
meals alone
for one –
just one –
even though
i feel like hardly
half of one –
makes me
miss you –
but only just

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: snack

departure of the sun

the sun didn’t
want to set,
didn’t want to
depart – so it
stained our
skin, burning
a little bit of
its heart –
then we were all
flushed red

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: sunny


depression weighs in,
yet you feel hollow
made out of nothing
not even the air cares
and even the walls don’t
stare back into your stare
where is that switch
you try to find it
where is the pin
you try to find it
even the crush of
skin, bones, and heart
in all different directions
wouldn’t be enough
to separate the lonely
numbness of a soul
sifted through helplessness,
nearly long gone
with no where to go
in particular

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: detonate

sad carbonara

the cook gave a long
hard unhappy look
at the empty plate
knowing it was
her fate
to make a dinner
for two
for just one
just a me
without a

cloudy vision of a lonely sky

and the sky said,
oh what fortune it would be for me
if the sun showed me her rainbow
as i wept on my knees

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: fortune


i’d rather be within your shadow
than walking in front of my own alone,
the moonlight makes night’s bones grow cold
sometimes i feel i roam
the earth like constellations
do up in the endless sky,
seemingly moving, bending, circling …
yet within a fixed point – unmoving to the eye

hearts on sleeves

our hearts feel pain
when we try to wear
them on our sleeves
because they rip and tear
when our love starts to grieve
under the weight of our
heartaches that stack up
in our ribcages, an ugly
picture of loneliness within
a skeletal frame, the pressure
builds up, lungs can’t breathe in
voices can’t let it out
and then we are
never the same