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Posts tagged ‘love’

nightingale heartache

heartbreak, leave me.
i don’t want others to read
sad stories written across my eyes
i don’t desire a tired heart anymore,
leave me to let me rest until the sunrise.
i don’t want others to think
the worst of me when i strive
to believe i am blessed,
in the darkest of days and
hardest of nights, heartbreak –
depart from me, take your flight —
mend yourself among the stars,
heartbreak, you were always
worth the fight

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: identity

tying heartache

heartache ties knots
in our heads, we string
along pain, wear it like
a necklace circling our
necks – no matter
if the string is knotted
or undone – it will always
come full circle, back to
where it had begun

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: circle


love is when one desires
to create and create some more,

regret is when one desires to recreate
what one created or didn’t create before

grief is when one can’t create and suffers
recreating moments which can’t be created anymore

hope is when one can’t create and
can’t recreate but believes anyway they
can within the core of their soul

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: recreate

love, love, or love?

and he said, as he looked at his face
in the melting ice of his drink
i couldn’t tell if she was
infatuated, or truly into
the truth of me, if she even cared about
my ugly guts and insides and all those
vulnerabilities i could be hiding,
but i think, he said,
her desires were stuck to
the surface of my skin
letting her heart feel all of the hollow
lies she convinced herself was love,
but really was just an empty shell pretending
to sound like the ocean in her head
and now she has me all messed up
wondering if the love i know is actually love
or if it was all just a lie i misread

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: penchant

caught in the blue

my fingertips are blue from the cold
be my fire, warm me, turn my eyes to gold
so that my heart can be a little more bold
to hold out my cold hands and share
everything i’ve always should have told you
but, i was caught in the blue, swept into
something far away from you
i’m growing older now, but my heart
is still young and close to you

backdated post a day poem for October 21st, 2017

of music

music is my love
she’ll bleed for me
or laugh for me
when push comes to shove
she’ll yell at me
or accuse me gently
yet will always leave me
a little above that lower place
i found myself stretched across
before, she’s the only one
who seems to carry with ease
what’s on the surface and what’s
below the floorboards of my heart
she’s the one who carries
every single part and makes an
orchestra of them, making
them easier to chew on, to swallow
to walk away from, to slowly depart
she’s the one who writes the words
that carry my heartbeats
like each one’s a work of art

backdated post a day poem for September 9th, 2017

beyond me, another

i desire to believe
that beyond my own,
there is another heart
beating for me,
that another body,
beyond my own
is tiring, just as restless to be
finally resting, sitting,
walking, or dreaming
next to me

backdated post a day poem for September 11th, 2017