this item cannot be returned

don’t return my love back to me
it was never for sale, and won’t be
as good to anyone else,
even after a 30 day mark
don’t take me on a trial run, then tie
me up in a dark black garbage bag
sent off like the rest, the rest now thought
of as less when they were once
all thought of as chosen, if not even the best

backdated post a day poem for October 11th, 2017

dialogue with red

you make my heart
sound louder than ever before,
all the beats crowding at the
door, wanting to climb out
the pressure rises, painting
my face red, my limbs numb
time and time again,
i forget half the words i speak
how can this strength bleed
out so weakly – i struggle to
understand the way love speaks

heartbreak cafe

i’ll stir up the sweetness
and bitterness
heat biting at my fingertips and spoon,
cream curling like clouds spilled
across the face of the moon

air and earth

it’s better to fall in love instead
of to reach for it – arms outstretched,
held up high against gravity tend to grow numb,
overcome by aching, growing weak —
you can’t catch air – there is nothing it can hold
fall sharp, hit the ground – let the pieces rest
for a bit in the dirt, and when you’re ready,
when you no longer hurt – you’ll be able to
hold it all, hand and hand, because strength
can be built even on shifting sand

when stories are unmade

heartbeats running
pushing themselves
drumming their fingertips
along our ribcages, bookshelves
trying to contain the
many stories of our hearts
when a lover walks away
they’ve torn their pages out
leaving our stories
broken apart


there are songs
you feel
pressing their faces in
vulnerable places
and you grab them by the hair
let them stare you hard in the eyes
reading everything between
the lines
and when they rise,
to form words
you savor their taste
in your mouth
then let them roll out
against the skin of the night
to be heard

love, untitled

i’d give my last breath
rest my soul under the waves
if it meant you could walk on water
bring you out of the darkness
illuminating your cave
we can save the moment when you
look into the ocean, you see me
gazing back at you, our heartbeats
rattling against the wind
reach out, touch your palm against mine –
soft and warm from the skin of the tide
don’t fear being brave – from over
here i’m still on your side

featured image credits: source unknown. 

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