to be the river

she’d rather be the sun,
the bright starlight

he’d rather be the moon,
reflecting the sun quietly in the night

i’d rather be the river, letting in
both sources of the light – i’ll reflect them both,
carry them along,
let them travel into the depths until
they both fade out of sight

light is light and will always be light
regardless of the dimness or brightness
of which it shines,

candle or lamp
sun or moon
day or night

© Tiny Fawns, 2018

sometimes the moon’s the villain

the sting of the night
rings in your ears
you try to answer
the moon’s calls,
he throws anxiety, like darts
he drapes shadows across
your fears as they roll around
each other in the dark
you wonder if the stars
can help find what you lost

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: sting