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Posts tagged ‘nature’


the rolling of the wind
unwinds clouds
stretching them into
powdery lines across the sky,
the sun — what a sour lemon —
it blinds us, our eyes
pucker and squint close
turning the insides of our eyelids
a bright candy cane red and white

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: release

unhappy tree ghosts

trees are perhaps
unhappy to have ink
slapping tales of deception
and corruption across
their bodies, covered in lies
but no one really cares
what they would think
they are now nothing more
than tables and chairs and
opened or closed doors

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: cloaked

waxing, waning

spring packed trees tight with leaves
only to bring them all to their knees
they take flight, landing at our feet
until trees tuck in their arms for winter
and fall to sleep, the cold grows
children wait for snowflakes to tickle at their noses
an old woman waits for her winter roses to bloom
and a dreamer waits for moonlight
to warm up her bedroom

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: leaf

caves, cages, nests

there’s a nest in my head
filled with sticks of trees which once
whistled, kicking up their legs, tossing their
arms, fighting in the breeze, holding on
to their leaves before they let them take leave
birds hang on wires and limbs
cats curl up against tires
bugs hike up flower stems
i’ll read my mind like a book
over time it hardened into a tiny,
sometimes overlooked gem
i’ll let my words catch fire
smoldering the page, when my
thoughts are hatched and brought up
in the nest of these things, they’ll shine
my mind can escape from the cage,
from the cave i’ll crawl, leaving it behind

the green and the grey

you push yourself to melt into the grey
of buildings pavement and cars sputtering out
smoke and other things they try to say as
they wait at red lights, but i’ll choose to
wait for the green – i disappear into
the hues of trees, leaves, moss, ferns,
and other lovely things who breathe at ease
without the restlessness that takes the breath
away of those in the grey

backdated post a day poem for October 25th, 2017

listening to the wind

the wind wants to be heard, but lacks a voice
so she grabs onto the backs of leaves and
shakes them, rattling fences,
throwing dirt into our eyes
waves rising and falling
did the wind catch the sails
to guide us to shore
did we hear anything at all
or was it better left unsaid
she’ll trail off, nothing more
than a gentle breeze like before

backdated post a day poem for October 23rd, 2017


sunlight is grace,
the way she steps
between the trees
in her high heels
i watch tree
leaves fold around her,
their trunks stretching
shadows like black
stockings, painting stripes
across streets

backdated post a day poem for September 26th, 2017