the last candle

lighting the last candle
to burn down into the new year
i’ll let the last moments
float away in the smoke, while
the candle melts in on itself without fear.

time slips away yet
approaches us without question,
handing us the answers
to our lives we must
strive to create wisdom from –
though at times foolishness
appears to undo it all.

moments which ran away
into our memories
somehow always seem to
call in on our hearts,
knocking on the doors
of our minds when
we least expect them.

let them burn down and
chase after the last candle.
take all of the dark
and burn it into light.

and once the last flame
sleeps, we can let our
hearts settle into the night

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: finally

lukewarm night in brisbane

i look out at the city, stretched out …
it’s getting no sleep tonight
every single light shines because someone
somewhere switched it on,
i imagine humans in all of their stacked up,
small boxes crawling around like fleas
or rolling around naked – and the thoughts
all merged into the air that seems to sleep
on the backs of crickets
late night feelings sink their teeth into
the last bites of strange thoughts and dreams

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: mild

reshaping light

no matter how you fold it,
bend it, or stir it,
the light will shine just as bright
no matter how you hold it,
swallow it, breathe it,
the dark will still wrap itself
up in the night
backdated post a day poem for December 13th, 2017

night time

the dark rises again,
painting the stars black
stacking up moon dust
settling on the backs of
trees and brush
somewhere dreams rush
to finish the races they
run through sleeping minds
while the clock unwinds
the quiet night time

backdated post a day poem for December 2nd, 2017

wearing off

night works her clammy
fingers into my skin,
dragging my mascara
and eyeliner down to my cheeks
the shade of my blush growing
weaker under the cold

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: sludge