bye bye, coral and sand

a day will come
when i won’t hear the ocean again
and then i’ll be thankful that
the waves will still kiss the skin
of the earth upon which
maybe someday
my heart will live again
but for now, i’ll settle into
the grains of sand

backdated post a day poem for October 6th, 2017


Wind raked the back of the water,
Her skin ripping like chalk and powder
In the night – waves rumbled, clenching
their teeth as they tried to toss lost
Ships up into a starry night – their sails
taking flight like exhausted seagulls,
grey and weary from a long day,
roaming far and in between
their home and the foam crawling
along the edges of the waves

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: elevate

The title 「荒れた海の夢」 is read as
“ah-reh-tah oo-mi no yoo-meh”, which
means “the dream of a stormy sea” in Japanese. 

a dying ocean

i hold the shell to my ear
to hear the ocean, but
she remained quiet
on the other side of the line
i continued to listen for
a sign, and she said
you have your own voice,
i can’t lend you any more
of mine because someday,
sometime in the future,
nothing will be left of me
i’ll have vanished into
the divine

ocean kites

the night takes me
and flies me like a kite
deep in the sea, catching
the current to arrive
to the deepest, darkest
corner inside of what
makes me live, i breathe
with only a single
thread, keeping me
from completely losing
myself inside of my head
and i see the moon washed
up on the coasts of the ocean
beside what is left of me

backdated Post a Day poem for April 13th, 2017


the ocean.
man ignores it,
because he knows he
can’t make it his own
to stand upon – yet still
trashes it with the toxins
and ugliness he throws
from his own hands, sending
his garbage down deep
into the heart of her, but still
chooses to rake his ships
across her skin, not caring
for the pain within

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: descend