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doves like tags

a shiver sprinkled itself against
my spine, as you pushed the tag
underneath my collar –

and now when i find
my tags tugging against my
hair, i remember all those little
things you cared about – i see
and feel them everywhere –

i tear them out, so i won’t be
reminded of those little things that
sneak up, make me ache for your love,
because now you are somewhere
above, tucking doves like tags into
passing clouds

chocolate lining

line the pockets
of your brain
with coffee and
chocolate, so that you
will always see
what is sweet
even when you’re
balancing on
the edges of
your mind


when the sun breathes out
lighting up crimson embers
a tangerine thread stretched
across the horizon, burning
the mountains, fields, and grass –
all turn black with their backs
against the fire,
our shadows wilt, melted into
a fine ink, bodies taking root,
sinking deep into the earth,
the sun, carving our silhouettes
from the soot and ash of the
approaching night

backdated Post a Day poem for April 10th, 2017

out to get us

shadows drum their fingertips
across the tabletops of dreams
restlessly waiting, lined up by lights –
we roll over sleepily – then the
shadows put on their masks.
in the moment between thunder
and slumber, we believed the shadows to be
something other than
dark things curling their
fingers around lamp stands,
something out to get you and me
backdated Post a Day poem for April 9th, 2017


sunset stretched
out like deer hide
dipping the fields and
mountains in orange
the violet sky holding up
stars by her fingertips
sending the moon on the
back of the wind


fox eyes – pearly gleams
their white bellies and red fur
warm up our dreams –
we leap into the wet, green
night air around us
running through the thoughts
streaming – the longer we
count the ripples rolling across
water, the more they seem
to be seams unwinding,
until they still – they steal our minds,
and for a moment – a small, solitary second
we found the corner where Night and Dreams meet
before they embrace, walk away,
letting us fall into a
weightless sleep

cold fires

breathe in cold night stars
let them journey far below
falling into our hearts
never truly ours
so we settle for fireflies in jars