out of the way

when adventuring
people rarely take roads
poked with potholes

puddles on rainy days
biting at jeans

clouds roll around on their
bellies in the skies

people rarely walk the ways which
take them out of their way
when it’s that distance, which
will make them fly

backdated post a day poem for December 1st, 2017

to become wishes

we may not all be
written in the pages of
legends, stories, or tales
but we can leave our
thoughts hugging coins
in the depths of wishing wells

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: legend


seek out the lackluster and you’ll
never be disappointed, but seek
out disappointment and you’ll
never be satisfied, but the best of
all is to live without limitations –
stepping outside boundaries to
be greeted with moments beyond
expectation – grief, failure, happiness,
success – anything could unfold –
truth be told, if you live boldly
all that is lackluster will be made of gold

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: expect

to catch ourselves, the fireflies

sometimes i want to
walk on the moon
let the weight of my worries
feel a little lighter on
my shoulders, gravity won’t
hold us down too much
sometimes i want to
walk on Mercury, feel closer to
the sharper, hotter touch
of fire from a dying star
we think of ourselves as temporary
and the universe everlasting
when all of us from humans
to ants to planets to jellyfish
to comets, are just glittering
dust settling into bottles and jars

backdated post a day poem for November 4th, 2017