pillow talk

the rain wanted to undo
the sun, peel off her
layers, pin her across a blue
sky turned grey –
unwind the threads, one by one
even if they were frayed
to love each hue down
into the ground, see her
true colors bloom, not fade –
arching her back, she listened closer
to what the rain had to say

the kiss

night wears mist like
stockings, she kissed the
moon, sending him
blushing, running after
the sun

backdated Post A Day poem for September 6th, 2017

air and earth

it’s better to fall in love instead
of to reach for it – arms outstretched,
held up high against gravity tend to grow numb,
overcome by aching, growing weak —
you can’t catch air – there is nothing it can hold
fall sharp, hit the ground – let the pieces rest
for a bit in the dirt, and when you’re ready,
when you no longer hurt – you’ll be able to
hold it all, hand and hand, because strength
can be built even on shifting sand

the brush off

i’m not a morning person.
i purse my lips, my brain flipping
sleepily through pages of trivial to do lists
while cursing the night for leaving so soon
morning sits quietly, lonely
not quite meeting my gaze even though
we’re in the same room.
but i’ll love her soon enough.
around lunch time my heart will pick up
the moodiness and push it aside
then i’ll tell her she doesn’t have to hide
anymore, she can come along for the ride
and we’ll sit side by side, i’ll feel wistful
as the last hours of the sunset slide
under the blankets and covers
i sit quietly, lonely
knowing i should love her more
since she raises the sun high in the sky
pouring more time, more days into my cup
but there are just some days
i can’t bother to wake up

laundry, hung to dry

you carried me away on your sleeve
then took off the shirt and threw it away
leaving me to wonder whether you’ll try me on
again, or will it hurt too much to
touch the fabric i used to press against
every time i folded myself against you

backdated Post a Day poem for June 20th, 2017

to unbreak another

i could rip into you
expose all of the vulnerable parts
of your heart, take away those aches
and pains so that we may gain
some common ground to
walk toward each other upon
backdated Post a Day poem for June 17th, 2017


you asked to be written in paint
but i chose lead instead
because you keep changing the
face and lips you show around me
so i’d like to erase them all when
you’re dead and gone
and walk out that door for the
final time, i’ll save the paint
to create a portrait of my
smile, when you’ve reached the divine

backdated Post a Day poem for June 14th, 2017

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