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Posts tagged ‘sun’

departure of the sun

the sun didn’t
want to set,
didn’t want to
depart – so it
stained our
skin, burning
a little bit of
its heart –
then we were all
flushed red

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: sunny


the sun twists
open the cap, rain
fizzes, streaming
between blades of
grass, steaming
in the shade. i call out,
my voice falls
flat in the wet air.
sometimes i feel
bottled up, even when i’m
outdoors somewhere

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: bottle

how to grow raindrops

the sun flirts with her,
making her glow, but then
once he turns his shoulder
her warmth starts to slow
she tries to reach out –
mist, shouts,
warns him she’ll give him hail
the size of fists
he ignores her, she knocks
him hard in the chin, thunder
rolls from her wrists as
he pleads for forgiveness –
she complies, but writes it
in lightning, bleeding across
the darkened skies

am, pm shadows

sometimes the sun sits back
jealously, admiring the
cool exterior of the moon
wondering what it would be like
to walk in the shadows of
the night, to know midnight
instead of noon

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: radiate

blue eyes

her face drawn deep
and crooked by the
hollow moon highlighting
her eyes, midnight
burrows deeper into her
chest, her heart remains
awake, restless
until the sun rises and
looks at her with blue eyes

gulls, and the mosaics of dreams

i broke pencils with too hard a grip
as i tried to write my thoughts as if
i were chiseling them into my skull
it’s no wonder i often feel the pull
of a headache coming on, i slip
over the words, feeling a bit foolish
i imagine myself at times like a gull
making up for gloomy days
by stripping dull coastlines of
shiny litter – trying to make
the most of imperfections,
finding value in the gold
that doesn’t always glitter –
before it stashes itself away into
waves walking with the sun
before it sets and burns away
the things i forgot to write in my head
which will fade into a strange
mosaic dream, outlined
in ocean blue and sunset red
backdated Post a Day poem for April 6th, 2017

waltz of the lights

no one can quite dance like
the sun and moon, when they
face one another, they light up
the earth’s bedroom, and in
that moment, when their eyes meet –
the sun grew warm in the face and
the moon departed a little too soon
but would be on his way again,
creeping up the stairs, waiting at the
end of the hall for the twilight to
rise when noon decided to no longer
keep us all from a good night’s sleep

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: collaboration