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Posts tagged ‘sun’


sunlight is grace,
the way she steps
between the trees
in her high heels
i watch tree
leaves fold around her,
their trunks stretching
shadows like black
stockings, painting stripes
across streets

backdated post a day poem for September 26th, 2017


i’m the
sad girl who
sees the sun
but carries an
umbrella anyway

backdated post a day poem for September 28th, 2017

craving color on drab days

come on Sun, cast me a rope
so i can climb out of this rain puddle
the clouds keep dressing me up in
cloaks of grey and blue
make it rain so that you can stain
the sky with more than two colors
paint my world in a different hue

backdated post a day poem for October 1st, 2017

pillow talk

the rain wanted to undo
the sun, peel off her
layers, pin her across a blue
sky turned grey –
unwind the threads, one by one
even if they were frayed
to love each hue down
into the ground, see her
true colors bloom, not fade –
arching her back, she listened closer
to what the rain had to say

pink eyelids

to press my face into the sky
wind wrapping warm arms around
my waist, the sun turning my
vision pink when i close my eyelids
to let my daydreams arise
reality softly sinks into the riverside

the kiss

night wears mist like
stockings, she kissed the
moon, sending him
blushing, running after
the sun

backdated Post A Day poem for September 6th, 2017

sun barista

he pours a hot cup
of coffee across the
summer day,
cream curls clouds
across the crowns of
chocolate mountains,
fields stretching their
bellies, walking along
key lime pies

backdated Post A Day poem for September 5th, 2017