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cake and pie

do not give a crumb of your bitterness to
the gossipy fool, they will pretend it’s the
entire cake and make the whole dinner table
give you ridiculing glances and vicious stares
but they’ll play it cool, say it’s all delicious,
and pretend like they care while completely
aware that their gossip is not your truth,
truth is bitter and they’d rather take a
a chance in favor of a lie, because as we
are brainwashed to believe, the truth is
ugly and deception is sweet as pie

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: crumb

cool & warm

grow gold from tiny words
push warm kindness into the arms
of strangers with cold eyes
let others know not everyone
tries to cloud out the world with
shallow lies and make pretend
some choose to mend the negative
so positive can shine outward from within

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: mighty

waxing, waning

spring packed trees tight with leaves
only to bring them all to their knees
they take flight, landing at our feet
until trees tuck in their arms for winter
and fall to sleep, the cold grows
children wait for snowflakes to tickle at their noses
an old woman waits for her winter roses to bloom
and a dreamer waits for moonlight
to warm up her bedroom

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: leaf

universe kings

move feet like water
carry mind in the air
root heart in the earth
keep soul alight
in the fire, we all come from
stardust which burned down
from existence’s desire
to walk and breathe as a million
different beings, in our minutes,
moments, and hours
we are tiny kings, flowers
quickly growing to decay
to fold back into the dust, so
existence can go along its way

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: tentative

take a moment to breathe

sometimes the way
to champion the day
is to be a couch potato
lounge all of the worries
right out of your head
and everyone who judges you
are secretly just jealous
wishing they were in
your place instead

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: glorious


love is when one desires
to create and create some more,

regret is when one desires to recreate
what one created or didn’t create before

grief is when one can’t create and suffers
recreating moments which can’t be created anymore

hope is when one can’t create and
can’t recreate but believes anyway they
can within the core of their soul

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: recreate

from foolishness, wisdom

taste the sweetest wine
by cracking open your skull
pull out all of your mind
write foolishly, always
intoxicate your words
dance with them,
love every single line
and then one day
time will say, what’s written
has made you wise

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: flavorful