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dead hands still shaking me

occasionally,  you unexpectedly tap at my door, reaching out your arm through the clouds over time, those clouds grow heavy, turning to mist you are nothing more than smoke and fire carried in the wind occasionally, unexpectedly tossing and turning in my heart and mind in time, that storm will settle into the quiet, forming mist but until that moment, i continue to reach out into the clouds, you remain […]

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passage of light & dark

Shadow said, “Leave me alone, Sun.” But the Sun stayed until the last breath of the Shadow was undone. After a while, the Moon brought out his loom, weaving a web of shadows to catch the dark again, painting Night across the Earth’s skin. Then Earth said, “Leave me alone, Night.” So Night went away, at the first sight of Light. © Tiny Fawns, 2018

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memories, the unwelcome visitors

the grey world took a long look into the sun a lonely shadow creeped along the spine of a book turning pages in my head, why do i recite words of pathways, once tread and long dead? i shake their necks like pockets for change listening to the last echoes of some distant memory, chiming like coins across the sidewalk, mind still talking the talk when no longer walking the […]

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i know it well and you do not

my heart, i know it well. i listen carefully, over and over to all of the stories it loves to tell but to another’s eyes, there is nothing at all, so they call upon their own fairytales to write upon their imaginary pages of some fictionalized, incomplete book our souls fall sad when others try to tell us all about ourselves with hardly a look in our direction, focused on the […]

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