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it’s not that demons deny truth
they believe in it all along, they
just want you to sing a different song
so they can relish in you being wrong

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: deny

villains on all sides

some attempt to trespass light
most hold their breath in the night
of their hearts, a few keep
starlight within their sight,
none truly know wrong from right
when two wrongs tower above them,
urging to choose the lesser of
two evils, to enable this
villain or the other

cake and pie

do not give a crumb of your bitterness to
the gossipy fool, they will pretend it’s the
entire cake and make the whole dinner table
give you ridiculing glances and vicious stares
but they’ll play it cool, say it’s all delicious,
and pretend like they care while completely
aware that their gossip is not your truth,
truth is bitter and they’d rather take a
a chance in favor of a lie, because as we
are brainwashed to believe, the truth is
ugly and deception is sweet as pie

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: crumb

cool & warm

grow gold from tiny words
push warm kindness into the arms
of strangers with cold eyes
let others know not everyone
tries to cloud out the world with
shallow lies and make pretend
some choose to mend the negative
so positive can shine outward from within

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: mighty

take a moment to breathe

sometimes the way
to champion the day
is to be a couch potato
lounge all of the worries
right out of your head
and everyone who judges you
are secretly just jealous
wishing they were in
your place instead

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: glorious

caves, cages, nests

there’s a nest in my head
filled with sticks of trees which once
whistled, kicking up their legs, tossing their
arms, fighting in the breeze, holding on
to their leaves before they let them take leave
birds hang on wires and limbs
cats curl up against tires
bugs hike up flower stems
i’ll read my mind like a book
over time it hardened into a tiny,
sometimes overlooked gem
i’ll let my words catch fire
smoldering the page, when my
thoughts are hatched and brought up
in the nest of these things, they’ll shine
my mind can escape from the cage,
from the cave i’ll crawl, leaving it behind

to let dreams run their course

childhood nostalgia
is not the turning back of the
clock in the heart, but the unlocking
of the treasure box in which
we poured our all, reminding us
we can still take flight, even when
we feel fragile and near falling