tiny glimpse into my mind

depending on my heart,
it is either a desert made of sand
or skies falling apart as rain
and i’m the one caught in the wind
trying to gain clarity
from the pain of each and every attempt
to collect the sand, to collect the raindrops
they simply slip softly between my
fingers and sometimes sting my eyes,
but learning to let it all go
to just simply breathe, rest, stop –
slowly builds mountains upon which
i hope to climb to touch the skies

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: snippet

the exchange

the feeling of gratefulness
wells up and spills out of the heart
when a lonely love brings a set of empty eyes,
and your heart lifts up out of the dark,
pouring water, watch it rise —
heart overflows, full —
gratitude is sometimes not what people give
and sometimes not what they specially desire from you;
sometimes it’s just the timing of a moment exchanged,
in which both hearts felt the warmth and love
of something true

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: gratitude


it’s not that demons deny truth
they believe in it all along, they
just want you to sing a different song
so they can relish in you being wrong

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: deny

villains on all sides

some attempt to trespass light
most hold their breath in the night
of their hearts, a few keep
starlight within their sight,
none truly know wrong from right
when two wrongs tower above them,
urging to choose the lesser of
two evils, to enable this
villain or the other

cake and pie

do not give a crumb of your bitterness to
the gossipy fool, they will pretend it’s the
entire cake and make the whole dinner table
give you ridiculing glances and vicious stares
but they’ll play it cool, say it’s all delicious,
and pretend like they care while completely
aware that their gossip is not your truth,
truth is bitter and they’d rather take a
a chance in favor of a lie, because as we
are brainwashed to believe, the truth is
ugly and deception is sweet as pie

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: crumb