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Posts tagged ‘universe’

from smoke

hold the wires of their brain
together, creating sparks
to collect smoke, dust, and dark
into a musical melody
to paint light across the night
or to pen night into the day
a shot of spontaneity into
the monotony,
music is an alchemy
all different, yet made
from the same words the universe
has to say

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: genius

to catch ourselves, the fireflies

sometimes i want to
walk on the moon
let the weight of my worries
feel a little lighter on
my shoulders, gravity won’t
hold us down too much
sometimes i want to
walk on Mercury, feel closer to
the sharper, hotter touch
of fire from a dying star
we think of ourselves as temporary
and the universe everlasting
when all of us from humans
to ants to planets to jellyfish
to comets, are just glittering
dust settling into bottles and jars

backdated post a day poem for November 4th, 2017

universe kings

move feet like water
carry mind in the air
root heart in the earth
keep soul alight
in the fire, we all come from
stardust which burned down
from existence’s desire
to walk and breathe as a million
different beings, in our minutes,
moments, and hours
we are tiny kings, flowers
quickly growing to decay
to fold back into the dust, so
existence can go along its way

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: tentative

when red lights no longer red

will the red of stop lights feel useless
if the existence of footsteps and creatures
crossing their streets were wiped from
the world, or would they turn red on
themselves, stopping themselves –
leaving the night to curl her fingers
around dark, empty streets holding
tears and wrinkles from
tires and feet

backdated post a day poem for October 9th, 2017

stitched up

the thunder rolls across the floor of the sky as
raindrops dot the windows of houses and cars
lightning leaps, grasping at the soil with wrinkled fingers
she retreats, but the smoke from the fire still lingers
it won’t be long now – the pain of the universe isn’t so far away
we rest in knowing, the earth moves, the sun comes around again
and yet the universe remains dark, despite the infinite
stars stitched into her skin

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: visceral

lone traveler

our enchanted reactions
could not have even have begun
to travel the distance –
the moon travels, silently
in the cold, alone

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: solitary

tv snow

the noise of snow raining
against the inside window of the tv set
takes me back to 1993
when i would find my 7 years old self upset that
the sun wouldn’t stay out to play longer
and bedtime was always early for the both of us
and i was angry at the sun because
i couldn’t stay up to read or play
but she could, she’d talk to the
man in the moon as he swayed in her light
i imagined on that day, eating a tv dinner
what the snow in the tv felt like, where it was from
was it rain from a pure atmosphere or from
an apologetic universe trying to
let out pain a little at a time,
in pins and needles
perhaps it felt to the touch like
a soft swarm of bees fluttering
around fingers and palms, but without the sting